What is it?
It’s an “Adventure Club” for adults. We do more than just, go on camping trips and do outdoor physical activities. We are a social group always up for trying something new. We’ll try almost anything from learning how to knit to a weekend trips in the woods. Just email your Scoutmaster about what you’re interested in trying and we bet others in your troop would be interested too.

Can I suggest an “Adventure”? 
Wanna learn how to knit? Email your Scoutmaster and they’ll set up a knitting night. Wanna shoot some hoops? Email your Scoutmaster and they’ll set up a basketball tournament? Hear about a fantastic monster truck show? Email your Scoutmaster and they’ll see if other members are interested in going too. Also, the Scoutmaster can see if they can get a fantastic group rate. We’ll do pretty much anything if we several members  interested as well. Always bring ideas to meeting nights and it may turn into the next thing on our calendar.

What if an event doesn’t interest me?
Nobody is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. All events will be posted on our website with full details about what will take place. You can opt out of any event at any time.  Though some events may not include a refund.

Are there any age restrictions?
Adult Scouts of America is a social organization strictly for members 21 and older. Since many meetings happen in local bars/pubs/taverns. Also, there will be drinking at some events.

Is it Co-Ed?
Yes. Gender is not an issue here. Events will be for all.

When does it start?
Adult Scouts of America will launch 2013 and will be available for members near and around Albuquerque, NM.

How much does it cost?
Since Adult Scouts of America is barely starting up, will have little-to-no annual dues as most costs will be related to each event. Donations or “dues” are always accepted and some costs may be associated with “supplies” or “merit badges”. Always check the Adult Scouts of America Calendar for any costs related to each “Adventure”. If you are still unclear about cost per event, please email the Scoutmaster or person holding the event.

Will there be merit badges?
Hell yes! But this isn’t a competition, the more you have, does not make you a higher rank than anyone else. They’re just a fun way to have on record all the great things you’ve done. Also, there is no pressure on those whom don’t want badges. It’s a “if you want badges, work for them” system. You will have to pay for the merit badges, for now, until we figure out the “dues” thing.

How Do I Register?
If you are interested in joining The Adults Scouts of America click to the right and register for an account. A full version of the Event Calender will be view able once you log in.

Will there be other franchises outside Albuquerque?
Currently we are based in Albuquerque, NM. If you are outside of NM and are interested to becoming a member or owning a franchise in your area, please stay tuned here for more updates.

Are you affiliated with The Boy Scouts of America (BSA)?
No. Adult Scouts of America is only  our name. We have no association, or affiliation with any other scouting organization.

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